Bank or financial institute’s business is based on how well it can prove to its customers, that it is serious about their assets and investments. Reputation or profitability of banking sector depends on what kind of security they provide to their customers and their assets. No matter if it’s a small retail branch or a large corporate banking institute, safety and security is always a concern for any customer. To have satisfied clients financial institutes look ahead for a technological product that is highly reliable, easy to use and capable to connect with all their branches.

Matrix in Banking

Matrix advanced security solutions are a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of banking industry. Matrix offers security solutions for retail, corporate banks and financial institutes. Matrix supports banking sector to meet their demand of access control, time management, multi-site connectivity, centralized report, leave management, holiday management, employee self-service and digital video recording.

Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solution for Banking Industry

  • Security of Customer, Employees and Valuable Assets
  • Restrict Access in High Risk Areas
  • Modular, Scalable Solution
  • Multi-Site Connectivity
  • Centralized Reports

Security of Customer, Employees and Valuable Assets

Banks are the place where excessive transaction of hard cash takes place on daily basis which increases the risk of theft of assets and sometimes lives of customers, employees. Continuous safety, security of customers, staff and assets is always required for smooth running of the business. Man-trap feature of Matrix access control security solution helps to protect banks from such theft activities to safeguard customers and staff.

Restricted Access in High Risk Areas

Banks have certain areas/zones like lockers, safe custody or ATM machine where access is permitted only to particular bank authorities. Matrix security solutions offers products that can give admission to right people in right place by using features like 2-person rule, door auto relock, blocked user or access to certain physical zones only.

Multi-Site Connectivity

In today’s global economy, financial institutes need to have branches at various locations. Multi-site connectivity with central report generation along with maintaining security of database is always a challenge for banking sector. All these challenges can be met by Matrix security solutions which have facility for 3G, Wi-Fi, GSM and WAN connectivity.

Centralized Reports

Centralized reports for time-attendance and access control like public holidays, employee leave and employee early in/late out can be generated from single location.  All branches including head office can view same report without any discrepancies simultaneously maintaining high level of security of data.

Matrix Video Surveillance Solution for Banking Industry

  • Monitor High Risk Customer Service or Cash Counter Areas
  • Real-Time Security
  • Observe Customers Coming in the Premises

Monitor High Risk Customer Service or Cash Counter Areas

With increasing risk for ATM centers and banks from robberies, forced withdrawals or ram raids, investment into surveillance systems has become a critical component for financial institutes. Matrix surveillance system captures all the activities happening inside/outside the bank or at ATM center, these videos can be exported to USB, HDD and FTP.

Real-Time Security

Matrix video surveillance system helps to record real time happenings inside the bank which can be very useful in case of any investigation.

Observe Customers Coming in the Premises

Video surveillance system keeps an eye on each and every individual coming in and going out of bank premises. It helps to identify any suspect thereby safeguarding customers, employees and valuable assets of customers and bank.

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