COSEC ARC is an intelligent compact IP panel with PoE for a single door. ARC dramatically simplifies access deployment. COSEC ARC works in two modes – standalone with COSEC PANEL or centralized with COSEC CENTRA application server. The state-of-the-art COSEC ARC can control 2 readers on wiegand or RS-485, door lock and other auxiliary devices making it an ideal solution for any access control installation.

Key Features

  • Compact, Single Door IP Panel With PoE
  • Operation Modes: Standalone With COSEC PANEL or Centralized with COSEC CENTRA
  • 2-Readers on Wiegand or RS-485
  • Standby Operation when Network Connectivity
  • Support Data and Power on PoE for Readers and Door Lock
  • 10,000 Users and 1,00,000 Events Support
  • Aux-In and Aux-Out Port to Connect 3rd Party Devices
  • Din Rail and Box Mounting

COSEC ARC Interfaces


COSEC ARC PoE Panel v/s Conventional Multi-Door Panel:

Matrix ARC One-Door Panel Conventional Multi-Door Panel
  • IP Technology on Existing LAN-WAN
  • Non-Standard and Proprietary Networking
  • Industry-Standard CAT5 and CAT6 Wiring
  • Proprietary, Non-Standard Multi-Core, Long and Expensive Wiring
  • Installation Near the Door Reduces Wiring and Improves Reliability
  • Panel Installed in a Central/Server Room Far from all the Doors
  • PoE Powers PANEL, Readers and Lock; no Need of Local Power Point or Backup
  • Power is Fed either from Central Location or Multiple Power-Points
  • Neat, Elegant, Reliable and Easy-To-Maintain Installation
  • Clumsy, Failure-Prone Installation
  • Distributed Architecture; Robust Security
  • Single-Point of Failure
  • Compact, Modular and Easy to Scale
  • Location of a Multi-Door Panel Restricts adding New Doors Due to Distance and Wiring Constraints
  • Industry-Standard DIN Rail Mounting
  • Non-Standard Wall Mounting
  • COSEC PANEL Integrates Up to 255 Door Controllers with Interlinked Value-Added Features
  • Support for 4, 8 and 16 Readers are Most Common Configurations
  • Centralized Management and Control Using COSEC PANEL Web Pages from anywhere
  • Dedicated Software to Manage Multiple Panels


Stand-Alone Access Control for a Single Location

Picture below shows COSEC access control deployment in a single location having 4 separate areas. COSEC door controllers are connected with COSEC PANEL on LAN using PoE. Admin can monitor devices, define policies and generate reports directly from COSEC PANEL without installing any application software.

Stand-Alone Access Control for a Single Location

Standalone Access Control: Advantages and Benefits

Control up to 255 Doors from a Single IP Panel
Leverage IP Technology
Connect Existing 3rd Party Readers
PoE Door Controller for Powering Readers and Lock
Standalone Operation without Server
Scalable for Future Expansion
Eliminate Need for Multiple Panels
Standard Structured Cabling, Higher Reliability
Protect Investment in Existing Readers
Simplified Installation, High Reliability
Eliminate Server Cost
Optimum Investment

Multi-Location Access Control with COSEC CENTRA

Picture below shows COSEC access control application installed in an organization having operations at multiple locations. All COSEC devices are connected to the central server using wired or wireless connectivity to send real-time data at a central place. COSEC CENTRA controls and monitors the entire application from the central place.

Multi-Location Access Control

Multi-location Access Control: Advantages and Benefits

Integration of All Locations
Centralized Management with Local Execution
Real-Time Dashboard Views, SMS and E-Mail Notifications
Connect 3rd Party Readers
2-Person, First-In User and Anti-Pass Back
Integration with Video Surveillance and Other Applications
Complete Visibility and Better Control
Well-Defined Enrollment and Access Policies with Fail-Safe Operation
Faster Response to Exceptional Situations
Protect Existing Investment
Advance Access Control for High-Security Areas
Tighter Integration for Value-Added Functions and Enhanced Security

Technical Specifications

Readers 2 Readers  
Door 1 Door
Users 10,000
Event Buffer 1,00,000
Input Power PoE or External Power Adapter (12VDC@2A) External Power Adapter (12VDC@2A)
Communication Ethernet (with COSEC PANEL or COSEC CENTRA) RS-485 (with COSEC PANEL LITE only)
CPU 32-Bit Microcontroller
Flash Memory 512KB Internal Flash + 4MB External Flash
RAM Memory 128KB SRAM
LED 2 (Device Status and Network Status)
Connections DATA0, DATA1, LED0, LED1, BUZZER, Tamper, Power, GND, RS485A, RS485B
Power 12VDC at max. 150ma per Reader
Reader Types 2 Reader Port for Wiegand or Matrix Reader
Interface Wiegand and RS-485 (for Matrix Reader only)
Max Distance 400meters (on RS-485), 100meters (on Wiegand)
Exit Switch Port Yes
Door Status Sense Programmable NO, NC , Supervised
Door Lock Relay Relay SPDT, Form C, Max 5A@24 VDC
AUX-In Port One
AUX-Out Port Form C SPDT Relay output, max 5A@24 VDC or 5A@230VAC

COSEC IO Controller

COSEC ARC IO800 is an input and output controller to control 8 input and 8 output 3rd party devices and perform multiple applications.

No. of inputs 8
Input Type Four State Supervised Inputs
No. of outputs 8
Output Type Form C Dry Contact Relays, Each with NO, COM and NC Contacts
Relay Contact Ratings 5A @24VDC
Communication Ethernet and/or RS-485
Input Power 12VDC @1A (for Device Operation)
LED indication 2 LEDs (For Device Status and Network Status)


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