Mobile Application for Attendance Management


Matrix COSEC Mobile Application is a comprehensive mobile-based employee portal offering COSEC users to monitor and manage all their time-attendance and leave options. Employees and managers can access all their time-attendance information easily and perform related tasks remotely which reduces significant amount of time they spent on these issues.

COSEC Mobile Application intuitive interface offers employees to view their attendance and shift schedule, check their leave details and Cafeteria Details, apply for the leave or tour and update personal and job related information. Additionally, reporting officer can approve or reject leave and tour applications, authorize attendance and plan work schedules of his subordinates.

iOS Android

Key Features

For Employees
  • Mark Attendance
  • View Attendance and Leave Details
  • View Shifts and Schedules
  • Apply for Leave/Tour
  • Apply for Attendance Correction
  • Edit Personal Information

For Managers
  • Approve Leave/Tour Request
  • Authorized Attendance
  • Plan Shifts and Schedules
  • View Team Attendance

Attendance Marking

Matrix COSEC Mobile Application allows field or mobile employees the flexibility of marking their attendance using their smartphones. COSEC Mobile Application records the exact physical location of the employee using GPS for better monitoring and planning.

Attendance and Leave Status

Using COSEC Mobile Application, employees and managers can see their daily and monthly attendance, leaves, shifts and other information from their mobile phones. This reduces administrative work and allows them to spend more time on value-added activities.

Attendance Correction

Matrix COSEC Mobile Application allows managers to correct attendance of his/her team members for special reasons like official duty, special flexibility for a vehicle breakdown or medical emergency, etc. If granted permission by the system administrator, the manager can change presence and entry/exit timings of his team members. Of course, all these alterations are stored in the audit trail for official records.

Leave and Attendance Authorization Request

Anyone who has applied for the leave knows the frustration of filling the paper form and waiting for the approval from the reporting officer. With Matrix COSEC Mobile Application, employees can request for the authorization of attendance, overtime, Compensatory-Off and personal and official leaves to his reporting officer. This request is reflected on the reporting officer's window for approval. Tedious and manual paperwork is completely eliminated.

Approve Leave and Attendance

The manager gets a notification on his mobile phone whenever any of his members applies for approval or authorization. Using his mobile, the manager can quickly approve leave and tour, resolve attendance exceptions as they happen.

Cafeteria Details

Using COSEC Mobile Application, a user can check his prepaid and postpaid cafeteria expenses during the month. He can also check the monthly menu details and apply for any correction in the consumption shown.

Add/Edit Personal Details

COSEC Mobile Application allows the employees to add/edit their personal details from their mobile phones. This helps in maintaining an error-free and updated database of all employees. Employees can add/edit their qualification, nationality, marital status, experience, local and permanent addresses, contact details, blood group, etc.



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