Matrix COSEC PANEL LITE manages multiple door controllers acting as a bridge between the door controllers and the central application server. They are responsible for synchronizing all the door controllers and implementing advanced access control features.

Key Features

  • 100,000 Events
  • Up to 75 Door Controllers
  • 25,000 Users
  • Ethernet and RS-485
  • USB Port for 3G, GSM, Wi-Fi, CDMA and Data Transfer
  • Auxiliary Input and Output Port
  • Advanced Access Control Features

High-end access control features offered by COSEC PANEL LITE
  • Access Groups
  • Access Levels
  • Day Light Saving
  • Dead-Man Zone
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Duress Detection
  • Facility Code
  • Guard Tour
  • Home Zone
  • Input-Output Ports Link
  • Man Trap
  • Soft Override
  • Time Zone based Access
  • Visit Zone
  • Who’s In

Interface Diagram

COSEC PANEL LITE Interface Diagram

Technical Specifications

Total Door Controllers 75
Door Controllers on Ethernet 75
Door Controllers on RS-485 32
Communication Ethernet, RS-485 and Wi-Fi
User Capacity 25,000
Events Storage 100,000
(For Data Transfer, Firmware Upgrade, Wi-Fi and 3G)
Auxiliary Input Port Yes
Auxiliary Output Port Yes
Buzzer Yes
LEDs 3 (Power, Status and Alarm)




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