Most small organizations struggle to control timings and the movement of people. This invariably leads to productivity loss and discipline issues. On the other hand, people need flexibility to move for official and personal reasons. Manual registers are just not effective.

Presenting Matrix COSEC SAMAY - a professional time-attendance solution specially designed for small organizations. COSEC SAMAY manages the diverse requirements of systematic yet flexible timings with user-wise attendance, shifts and leave policies. It’s human-like intelligence calculates attendance and leaves and integrates seamlessly with payroll systems. Matrix COSEC SAMAY dramatically improves productivity and discipline of the organization.


Matrix COSEC SAMAY is a superior time-attendance solution compared to many other cheap products available in the market!

Feature Matrix COSEC SAMAY Benefit Cheap Products
User-wise Timings User-wise Attendance, Late-In, Early-Out, COFF and Overtime Adapt to the organization’s real needs. Cheap Products
Flexible Shifts Multiple Shifts and Shift Patterns Allocate manpower for maximum efficiency. Cheap Products
Leaves and Holidays Various Leave Types, Balance Tracking and Encashment Match organization’s exact leaves and holidays policies. Cheap Products
Overtime User-wise Overtime Policy and Automatic Calculation Save time, increase accuracy and reduce cost. Cheap Products
Online Events Recording Auto Push Events from Device to Software with User Photo Prevent human-intervention, errors and manipulation. Cheap Products
Live Dashboard Live Status of Attendance, Devices, Shifts and Holiday in a Single Window Monitor manpower status for better control and faster decisions. Cheap Products
Reports and Charts Customized Reports in Excel and Graphical Charts with Filters Interpret data easily for better and faster decisions. Cheap Products
Payroll Integration Direct Integration with Tally and Other Payroll Reduce manual work and eliminate errors or manipulation. Cheap Products
Award Winning Design iF and Red Dot International Awards for Product Engineering and Aesthetics Improve aesthetics and ease-of-use. Cheap Products
Sturdy Hardware Gold-Flash PCBs, Touch-Sense Keys, Scratch-Proof Plastics and Heavy Duty Components Reliability and long life. Cheap Products
Multiple Connectivities Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband (3G/2G) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Reduce wiring cost and improve network reliability. Cheap Products

Key Features

Flexible Attendance Policies

Matrix COSEC SAMAY offer complete flexibility in defining time-attendance policies for every employee. It allows different rules for different employees for Late-In, Early-Out, Overtime, Compensatory Off (COFF) and Attendance policies.

Shifts Management

Matrix COSEC SAMAY simplifies complex shift management drastically by allowing to create multiple shifts and shift patterns and assigning them to users easily. It also manages day and overnight shifts and segregate attendance data according to the user’s shift. If required and authorized, HR or admin person can make manual entries or correct timings.

Employee Database

Proper employee information with all the required detail at one central place can eliminate multiple spreadsheets and related confusion and chaos. Use COSEC SAMAY to create full user profile with personal information, contact details, attendance, access policy and other organization information. You can pull out this detail and get a report in Excel for any HR or admin work anytime just by few clicks.

Organization Structure

COSEC SAMAY supports flexible organizational hierarchy with Branch, department, section, category, designation and grade facilitating proper workflow and reports.

Leave Management

Employee’s paid leaves and absenteeism have a significant impact on an organization’s culture, discipline and balance sheet. Matrix COSEC SAMAY allows the manager to create different leave types with options like leave encashments, leave credit/debit, leave carry forward to next year and combine with other leaves. With such systematic and automated leave management, manual registers and Excel sheets are redundant improving transparency and productivity.


Matrix COSEC SAMAY dashboard shows all the vital data and live events in a single window. This includes the live status of users, devices, shifts, up-coming holidays, etc. Further, the dashboard also shows live entry and exit events with user name and photograph.

Data Management

Like ERP and CRM, time-attendance system is also a data and transaction intensive application. It is imperative that a good and professional time-attendance system should be strong in all data management functions like storage, backup, restore, archival and retrieval. Any past user, attendance, overtime and leave data may be required in future during any internal, external or legal audits. Matrix COSEC SAMAY supports backup, easy restore and export in any customized format preventing loss and facilitating presentation in the required format.

Payroll Integration

Time-attendance data is useless if it cannot integrate seamlessly with the payroll application that an organization uses. Matrix COSEC SAMAY offers one touch and online integration with Tally. In addition, COSEC SAMAY allows customized attendance data templates with selective fields suitable for exporting to any payroll application. Such tight and seamless integration eliminates error-prone manual data entries and transfers saving organization’s valuable time.

Reports in MS Excel

Any time-attendance solution is as good (or as bad) the output it generates. To allow easy data handling and presentation, Matrix COSEC SAMAY uses widely popular MS Excel as its reporting tool. It generates various time-attendance and many other reports directly in the MS Excel files. User can further analyze and edit these Excel reports easily using filters and other Excel functions removing all the constraints associated with "standard" reports.

Graphical Information

Graphical attendance information in COSEC SAMAY gives quick overview of all various vital parameters like attendance, overtime, absent, late-in, irregularities and others. Looking at this information, the manager can take fast decisions and corrective actions to improve productivity of the organization.

Interface Diagram


Technical Specifications

Number of Users 100
Number of Terminals 2
Application MS Windows Desktop
Reporting Tool MS Excel
Database MS-SQL 2008 SP2 R2
Architecture .Net FrameWork 4.0
COSEC PATH Series Door Controllers
Recommended System Requirements
Operating System Window XP with SP3 and above
System Hardware Pentium4 and Above
Hard Disk 1 GB

Ordering Information

COSEC SAMAY Time-Attendance Application Software for 100 Users
COSEC SAMAY FOT Hardware and Software Combo with COSEC DOOR FOT and COSEC SAMAY for 100 Users
COSEC SAMAY FOTX Hardware and Software Combo with COSEC DOOR FOTX and COSEC SAMAY for 100 Users

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