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School, colleges and universities are places where future of the country or society is dependent. The opportunity to exchange ideas and learning should never be compromised by issues of safety, security. Security is becoming a major concern for students, parents or teachers due to escalating incidents like assaulting of teachers & ransacking the exam hall, sexual assault of female student, school fire tragedy and cases of ragging in educational premises. This has increased the demand of high-tech security products in educational sector. Many establishments have taken a step ahead by installing sophisticated security systems that can safeguard its people and premises to maintain dynamic learning campus.

Matrix in Education

Matrix advanced security solutions is a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of education industry. Matrix offers security solutions for primary/secondary schools, colleges and universities. It helps education sector to meet their demand of SMS / Email notification to parents, monthly attendance of students & staff, bus route, restricted access to labs, canteen management, fire safety and digital video recording. Thus, Matrix provides unique solution to educational institutes, supporting students and staff to focus on learning.

Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solution for Education Industry

  • Students and Staff Attendance
  • Parent Notification
  • High Value Computer/ Research Labs
  • Flexible and Rugged System

Students and Staff Attendance

Security of students, staff or existing infrastructure like research lab, computer lab is of paramount importance in educational sector. Simultaneously maintaining attendance records of students and staff is must, to retain discipline within the institute. Matrix supports educational foundations to generate attendance reports for current date/month, last month or even for defined date. Proxy attendance can be reduced to a great extent by using Matrix fingerprint time-attendance system. Bus route feature allows assigning a particular bus route to unique student ID; it is very useful while calculating student’s attendance when the bus is late. Attendance reports or any other reports of the school can be transferred into various formats like excel, text, csv and xml for further actions.

Parent Notification

Security of child is always a concern for today’s working parents. However they always demand timely updates from schools about their kids. With Matrix COSEC, educational institutes can send SMS or Email notification to parents about their child’s attendance, child reaching school safely, parents meeting etc.

High Value Computer/ Research Labs

Today’s new generation students are technology savvy, which has created a demand for schools and colleges to restrict access for areas like computer labs, research labs where they might go for their fun activities. Access can be restricted to such areas by blocking the student ID or access can be given for a limited period of time. VIP access can be provided to principal for these areas.

Flexible and Rugged System

Schools and colleges many times tend to have misbehaving students and to maintain security, and time discipline within that environment is also a challenge. This generates a demand for a security system which is rugged and can handle tampering. Matrix security system generates alarm when anyone tries to tamper the system. Time trigger feature of system can automatically generate bell between two different subject periods or for lunch break.

Matrix Video Surveillance Solution for Education Industry

  • Monitor Indoor and Outdoor Areas
  • Real-Time Security of Students
  • Minimize Cost of Vandalism

Monitor Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Students many times tend to misuse organizational resources which makes necessary for schools/colleges to protect their valuable assets. Matrix surveillance system records real-time happenings in areas like corridors, computer rooms, research labs, cafeteria, etc. which can be utilized for further actions.

Minimize Cost of Vandalism

Because of vandalism, violence or burglary valuable resources are lost to cumbersome repairs and investigations in educational sector. Matrix video surveillance solution enables educational institutes to stay focused on core business – education. It supports education industry to :
  • Increase the security of students and staff
  • Prevent violence and theft within the premises
  • Minimize the costs for vandalism
  • Investigate incidents and identify suspects timely

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Partial List of Education Customers

British School
MIT, Pune
Presidency Group of Colleges
Indian Institute of Science
Rishikul Vidyapeeth Sonepat
Presendancy Group of Colleges
Shree Krishna Education Trust
Educomp Higher Education
Marathwada Shikshan Mandal
St. Karen’s Secondary School

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