Healthcare is the domicile where society depends for its health issues. Therefore,global leaders in medical science always look forward for innovative technologies and solutions to improve patient care and enhance operational efficiencies. Hospitals are under constant pressure to foster their patients, visitors and staff without any disruption or inconvenience in regular cycle of work. It is always a challenge for small clinic or multi-campus hospital to provide safe, secure environment to patients, staff and offer round the clock service within a constrained budget. A high-tech system is essential which can provide safety, security, perfect time management of staff and proper visitor management at the same time is flexible, scalable and simple to use.

Matrix in Healthcare

Matrix advanced security solutions is a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of healthcare sector. Matrix offers security solutions for hospitals, clinics and home care. It supports the healthcare industry to meet their demand of access control, time-attendance by providing palm vein reader solution to maintain hygiene within the organization. Matrix also provides roster, leave and visitor management solutions as well as fire safety and video surveillance products.

Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solution for Healthcare Industry

  • Modular, Scalable Solution
  • Restrict Physical Access
  • Time and Shift Management
  • Manage Visitors

Restrict Physical Access

Hospitals have certain areas/zones like operation theaters, pediatric wards, dispensaries or research labs where access needs to be restricted only to particular doctors, nurses or pharmacists. Matrix integrated security solutions offers products that can give admission to right people in right place by defining various access control policies as well as maintaining hygenie.

Time Management

Round the clock staff is essential in hospitals and to maintain their attendance, shifts is also crucial to provide patient care.Matrix security system helps in calculating and monitoring staff attendance, shift management, leave management; hence reducing manual paper work and enhancing productivity.

Manage Visitors

It is very common to have visitors in hospitals visiting patients therefore it is essential to have management of those visitors so as to avoid any disturbance to patients. Matrix visitor management keeps records of all incoming visitors in hospital. Photo identity records of visitors can be kept while visitor pass can be created for pre-planned visitors like medical representatives to save security person’s time.

Reports Generation

Centralized reports for time-attendance and access control like employee leave, employee early in/late out, who’s in, visitors, etc can be generated.

Matrix Video Surveillance Solution for Healthcare Industry

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Digital Storage of Live Events

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of patients is essential so that emergency treatment can be provided instantaneously. Matrix surveillance system when installed in ICU or special wards acts as watchdog enabling doctors to provide emergency actions. Matrix video surveillance system when installed at the reception of clinics enables doctors to view number of patients still to be attended by him.

Digital Storage of Live Events

Products that can support storage of live happenings into digital forms are always in demand by medical authorities. Certain medical records of patients are to be kept confidential; Matrix digital recording system helps to keep the record files safe.

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