Hospitality itself means nurturing guests without missing any opportunity to greet them. Recent terror attacks on large hotels have created the need of hi-tech security systems in this sector. Hospitality industry has expanded with implementations of new inventions which have raised expectation of customers, in turn have increased the level of industry standards. Brand image of hotels is dependent on how customers are treated and how is security, safety issue addressed.Large investments are involved in hotels therefore safety, security of resources and customers is essential.

Matrix in Hospitality

Matrix advanced security solution is a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of hospitality sector. Matrix offers security solutions for hotels, resorts and restaurants. Its combined security products access control, time-attendance, video surveillance and fire alarm is a comprehensive system for protecting guest, staff and assets. Matrix security systems when integrated with Matrix intercom/PBX acts as complete solution for hotels.

Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solution for Hospitality Industry

  • Modular, Scalable Solution
  • Restrict Physical Access
  • Manage Staff Attendance and Shift

Restrict Physical Access

Hotels have multiple rooms, facilities which numerous guests use at different times. This generates the need of access control system which can facilitate access to guests according to the offered package. Matrix access control system provides access variety and validity to guests in zones like spa, swimming pool or gym. Limited access can be provided to staff in such areas whereas access can be blocked for server rooms, kitchens or storage area. Master card can be provided to housekeeping staff for cleaning.

Manage Staff Attendance and Shift

Hospitality industry always needs staff, be it day or night, maintaining staff shift schedule is crucial. Matrix time-attendance/roster management system can allocate shift to staff, calculate employee attendance, leave and overtime thereby enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Matrix Video Surveillance Solution for Hospitality Industry

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Digital Storage of Live Events

Real-Time Monitoring

Matrix video surveillance system can monitor areas like corridors, lobby, cafeteria and parking lots. Intelligent video recorder reduces the need of human supervision at the same time safeguarding customers.

Digital Storage of Live Events

Products that can support storage of live happenings into digital forms are always required. Certain areas like reception, server & stock rooms, kitchen, etc are to be kept under constant observation to maintain the industry standards. Matrix digital recording system helps to keep record of all such areas where there are chances of misconduct.

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