Manufacturing is the segment where huge investments are involved be it machinery, raw materials, assembly floor or man power. Security, safety of assets and employees as well as time management of staff with proper shifts, overtime and timely salary are always vital for any manufacturing industry. Thus a technological security system is always in demand which can provide multi-functions like access control, time-attendance, at the same time it is scalable and able to work in extreme weather conditions & dusty areas.

Matrix in Manufacturing

Matrix advanced security solutions is a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of manufacturing sector. Matrix offers complete security solutions for manufacturing sector having assembly plant, warehouse, dispatch section, repairing center and quality control. Its combined security products access control, time-attendance, palm vein reader, video surveillance and fire alarm is a complete solution for protecting people and assets, mean time increase the productivity of the organization.

Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solution for Manufacturing Industry

  • Manage Employee Attendance, Leave and Overtime
  • Shift and Schedule Management
  • Restrict Access
  • Automated Salary Data Process at the End  of Month

Manage Employee Attendance Leave and Overtime

Manufacturing unit of an organization is working in different shifts and maintaining perfect time record of employees according to shifts with overtime is a challenging tasks. Matrix time-attendance system is a flexible system that calculates employee attendance, leave, overtime automatically as per programming and generates required data to admin for salary calculation. System offers advance time-attendance features like manual attendance correction, past adjustment of data, bus route, late-in & early out for accurate and timely salary calculation.

Restrict Access

Manufacturing units have various sections like inventory ware-house, assembly plant, repairing center, quality control etc. and to restrict access of employee to particular premises is always required. Matrix access control system having various state-of-the-art features which restrict user from entering any unauthorized area and at the same time inform security personal.

Various Time-Attendance and Access Control Reports

Matrix COSEC offers large number of time-attendance and access control reports based on attendance data of the employee.

Matrix Video Surveillance Solution for Manufacturing Industry

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Assembly Lines
  • Digital Storage of Live Events

Real-Time Monitoring of Assembly Lines

Matrix surveillance systems can monitor the assembly lines by keeping an eye on production as it progresses and identifies any conditional changes that occur before they escalate into problems like shutting down the lines. Video surveillance avoids theft, reduces shortage and prevents losses by allowing quick and effective investigations. Matrix intelligent video recorder can detect and record abnormal/suspicious behavior without the need of human supervision.

Digital Storage of Live Events

Products that can support storage of live happenings into digital forms are always required. Certain areas like raw material or finished goods stock floor or checkpoints are to be kept under constant observation to maintain inventory quantity. Matrix digital recording system helps to keep records of all such areas where there are chances of misconduct.

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