Matrix SATATYA SIGHT is a comprehensive video surveillance application for mobile devices. It is designed for smart phones and tablets running popular operating systems such as Android and iOS. It connects to multiple SATATYA recording devices such as NVR, HVR or DVR and offers viewing of all the locations and cameras in a single window. In addition to a consolidated live view, it offers playback, search and event notification, thus providing users complete visibility and control over their operations.

Key Features

Manage Bandwidth
Efficiently manage bandwidth to overcome network issues
Main stream for high resolution and sub-stream for low resolution camera window
Zooming in
Inspect details in any area of interest by zooming in.
Degree of digital zoom is limited only by resolution and clarity of the stream.
Save time with smart search and playback
Various search options: start date-time, end date-time, recording type
Call the right person instantly
Save valuable time in tracking the responsible person during an event.
Critical Camera
View critical cameras quickly by setting favorite channel
Focus on vital areas for prompt monitoring
Flexible Maneuvering
Flexible maneuvering of camera
Complete flexibility in controlling PTZ camera connected to any device for closer inspection


Mobile Viewer
  • While watching video streams on a mobile device, a user might notice something important and needs to speak to the concerned person.
  • SATATYA SIGHT allows the user to configure a contact number for each camera. The number appears as a 'Calling' icon on the top-left corner of the video window.
  • The user can immediately call the concerned person by tapping this icon, instead of losing valuable time in searching for the right person in the mobile device.



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