Organizations have switched from traditional to computerized method for salary calculations. Now-a-days it is very common in companies to have payroll software for easy and systematic calculations of salaries. Calculations can be streamlined with in/out time of employees, which generates the need of time-attendance system that can be easily integrated with their existing third party payroll software.

Matrix COSEC time-attendance is an integrated system allowing integration of third party payroll software.Matrix COSEC automatically exports necessary data to payroll software which saves lot of time and money for any business organization. It is useful solution for SMB, medium and large enterprises, banks, governments, call center, healthcare and many more.

Key Benefits

  • Export data to the third party payroll software
  • Web API for automatic payroll integration
  • Send salary data automatically at the end of month
  • Export data in various file formats
  • Replace static and database field values with user defined values


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