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Parking Management Solution

About the Solution

Matrix SATATYA introduces Parking Management solution, which automates parking management for retail malls, enterprises, residential complexes, manufacturing units, etc. This solution helps in efficiently optimizing available parking space as well as prevents unauthorized parking in the allotted parking space, thereby avoiding quarrels over parking spot. Camera-wise reports can also be generated in both tabular and graphical format, serving as an evidence tool anytime during investigation.

Parking Management

Parking Management solution with Matrix Video Surveillance includes the following:

Vehicle Entry/Exit

The system detects if an unauthorized vehicle tries to enter the premises and instantly sends alerts. It can be integrated with a boom barrier to prevent blacklisted vehicles from entering the premise.
This helps in easy management of parking space.

Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Counting displays the in and out count of vehicles in a premise.
It facilitates occupancy control by giving the premise availability count at any given point of time.

Improper Parking Detection

The system identifies any inappropriately parked vehicle and instantly sends a notification in the form of SMS, E-mail with Snapshot, Alarm, Video pop-up, etc.
This helps in efficiently optimizing the available parking space.

Prohibited Parking Detection

A no parking zone can be marked and if a vehicle is parked in that zone, the system immediately detects and sends alerts.
This helps in automating the process of parking management.

Wrong Way Detection

The system identifies a vehicle moving in the wrong direction and sends alerts to the security guard.
This helps in providing safety by preventing accidents due to vehicles moving in the wrong direction.


About the feature

Matrix SATATYA NVRs & HVRs now come with an extremely useful feature called Adaptive Recording. It helps you save up to 50% on storage space.

How it works?

Adaptive Recording is a method of recording to achieve optimized storage on hard drive. To achieve the same, the device records both P frames and I frames when there is motion or activity, but when there is no motion or activity the device records only I frames. When there is no motion all the P frames carry the same data. Hence storing all the same P frames would result in unnecessary wastage of storage. Adaptive Recording avoids this unnecessary wastage and optimizes the storage to provide up to 50% savings on storage.


Key Benefits:

Extra Storage Days
Hard drive becomes capable for storing for more days as compared to what it used to do before
Save Storage Costs
Eliminates need to buy extra hard disk, as existing hard disk is used more efficiently.

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