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QR Code based Access Control

About Solution

Everything we do today is done through a single ‘tap’ on our mobile devices. With a single ‘tap’ we can share things on social media, check our health status, communicate with others, so on and so forth. A similar trend can be seen with access control, which first started with the RFID cards. Then it was biometrics and now we see the dawn of mobile credentials for access control.

Matrix’s “Your Mobile is Your Identity” technology offers QR Code based identification for opening doors by simply scanning the QR code from an authorized mobile phone through COSEC APTA App. It is a simple process of authentication that offers convenience to users while increasing the overall security of an organization at the same time.

Advantages and Benefits

Features Advantage Benefit
QR Code based Identification Simply scan the QR Code on your mobile phone from a distance of up to three to five feet for gaining access. Convenience
Mobile as User Credential People rarely forget their mobile phones and do not give them away as easily as their RFID cards. Convenience
Contactless Identification Users don’t have to touch the scanner. Hygiene
User Identification Linked to Mobile IMEI COSEC Server ties every user with his/her mobile’s unique IMEI number. Security
Server Encrypted QR Code Centralized server creates a QR code and distributes to the respective users over encrypted communication. Mobile user does not have any access or control over the QR Code that is generated. Security
Customer Created QR Codes Organizations create their own QR Codes by embedding their 2-byte key. Security
24-bit Encryption for Mobile to Server Communication Mobile to server communication is encrypted with the provision to use customer-owned certificates. Security
Eliminate Card or Biometric Readers Eliminate expensive devices, panels, wiring, installation and AMC costs. Cost
Multiple QR Codes Multiple QR Codes can be used to speed up ingress/egress to avoid congestion and queues. Speed and Throughput
Printed QR Codes at Entry and Exit Points Reduces setup time. Works where biometric or card readers are not easy to deploy. Faster Installation

How it Works

User has to scan QR Code given by the door using COSEC APTA application from a Mobile phone registered with the COSEC CENTRA server.
Camera will start by twisting a mobile phone or opening it from the COSEC APTA application.
COSEC APTA sends user event to COSEC ARC door controller for user access verification.
Upon verification, COSEC ARC door controller opens the door lock connected on its relay port.


The solution is highly useful under below mentioned circumstances:

Where door controllers are difficult to install by the door
E.g. Glass Doors: Installing door controllers on glass doors may cause the glass to break. Instead we can directly stick a QR Code on the glass and mount COSEC ARC on a din-rail above the door.

For a cost effective solution
This solution eliminates reader as well as door controller costs.

Connectivity Diagram

Connectivity Diagram

Note: COSEC PANEL LITE (V2) required, if COSEC ARC V1 is used as a door controller.

Target Audience

Corporates: Easy to install at glass doors and office chambers.
Healthcare: Being a contactless technology, the solution prevents hygiene issues.
BFSI: End to end encryption increases the overall security.
Manufacturing: 100% user identification irrespective of fingerprint quality.

Devices Required

COSEC APTA (Mobile App)
COSEC PANEL LITE V2 (Optional – required if used COSEC ARC V1)

Guidelines to Generate QR Code

The key should contain the following code. This information needs to be encrypted:
{"version":"1","ip":"IP of Door Controller/PANEL LITE","port":"80","pdid":"0","mode":"0"}
Set Mode: “0” for Entry, “1” for Exit
pdid: Set “0” in case of Direct Door Insert “Door ID” in case of Panel Door
Version: Set “1” by Default
Port: Set “80” by Default
Once you generate the encrypted string, you may generate the QR Code through

Customer Reference

Gold’s Gym is using QR Code based Access Control and appreciated Matrix with the following words:
“We acknowledge and appreciate your product and we look forward to have such excellence in near future as well. As a token of appreciation, we would like to certify your agency as “The best IT Vendors”. Wish you all the best for your works”.

IT Head,
Gold’s Gym

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Access Control for Data Centres

About Solution

Data Centres is a challenging domain, the success of which depends on security of client data. Most data centres store data of more than one organisation. It is very crucial for the data centre to prevent any unauthorised access of data. Matrix offers a solution whereby data racks get secured biometrically with records of every access along with its duration. Only authorised person can get access of specific rack for the stipulated time using biometric verification.

How it works?

The solution is in the form of process listed below:

Access Control for Data Centres Data Centre Authentication: User shows biometric credentials to access the data centre
Data Centre Access allowed: Once, user is allowed with the Access, he will move towards rack access authentication
Rack Authentication: User will click on the screen and provide biometric credentials to the device placed along with the screen
Rack Selection: Once user provides biometric authentication to get the rack access, he will be able to select the racks from the rack accessible list that he wants to access
Rack access allowed: Finally, the user will perform his assigned task within duration time period

Solution Description

The features mentioned below enhance security of data centres:

Centralized Biometric Authentication:
Biometrics provides high-end security over RFID and hence integrating biometrics with Access Control solution fetches complete security for Data Centres. Usually, an employee needs to punch twice in order to access the data rack of his/her organization.

First Punch: A Biometric device will be installed at the entrance of the data centre. User will punch on the device and accordingly he will be granted/declined access. This authentication ensures that an authorised user is trying to access the data centre.

Second Punch: Once user is granted access, he or she will punch again at the device installed near the screen in order to access the respective racks. Once user punches, the screen will display the list of racks that he or she is allowed to access. For Example – when ‘x’ employee of ‘ABC Organization’ makes his second punch, the screen will display the list of only ABC Organization racks that are allotted to him. The user then needs to select the racks that he wants to access from the screen and accordingly, he will be granted access.

Pre-defined Rack Access:
Every company has designated racks allotted to them. Admin can define the racks company wise, which means whenever a user makes his second punch – only racks allotted to his respective company will be listed on the display screen.

This feature acts as USP for data centres as they can ensure that a rack of company “x” will not be accessible to or misused by employee of company “y”

Integration with video Surveillance:
Matrix Access Control solution for data centres can be integrated with the Video Surveillance solution. Hence, when a user tries to access the data centre through the biometric device, an image gets captured. In case of unauthorized access, having an image can prove helpful for data centres.

Rack accessible for a defined time period:
Every rack that is allocated to a company can only be accessed for a definite period of time. Admin can set the duration and accordingly the rack will be accessible for the pre-defined time period.

Connectivity Diagram:

Connectivity Diagram


‘Data Rack’ Management:
Data Centres have data of more than one organization stored in a single location. Managing the data racks is a cumbersome process for data centres. Through this solution, data centres can manage each and every company’s rack virtually along with enhancing the security.

The solution provides reports in the form of:
‘Which’ rack is accessed by ‘whom’, ‘when’ and the time-duration
Records related to rack accessibility, time duration, etc.


From Data Centre point of view:
Easy maintenance of diverse data
Accurate record of access allowed/denied in the software
No manual security required
Easy data rack management of various companies in a single location

From Companies securing data at data centres:
Complete security of company data
Accurate records of who accessed data at what time

Target User Profile

Data Centres
Server-based Companies

Devices Required

Used as Standalone Access Control Solution for Data Centres.
PANEL LITE screen will display all events that need to be authenticated while accessing the data centres.

COSEC ARC gets mounted on the data rack.

Door lock is integrated with COSEC ARC on data rack.

DOOR CONTROLLER will be required when user selects the rack that he wants to access and later need to authenticate himself with this device in order to access the rack

Matrix COSEC-ETERNITY Integration

About the Feature

COSEC-ETERNITY Integration facilitates the users of ETERNITY to unlock a door, configured with COSEC Door Controller, using Digital Key phones/Extended IP Phones/Single Line Telephones. ETERNITY supports integration of “Intercom” Application with COSEC, i.e., ETERNITY range of PBXs with the intercom application can be integrated with Matrix COSEC Door Controllers without any requirement of additional licenses. With this integration users of ETERNITY can now unlock the COSEC Door Controller by simply dialing a code from their extensions.

Matrix COSEC-ETERNITY Integration

How it Works

Matrix COSEC Access Control system is a comprehensive system with the flexibility of many features that can aid in achieving various objectives. Matrix COSEC’s integration with Matrix Digital PBX system assists the user to open the door using a phone.

The working is as follows:

  1. For interconnection, PBX and all Door controllers must be in the same network using Ethernet.
  2. In Matrix COSEC access control system, door lock must be connected to the COSEC door controller using door relay port.
  3. When an authorized person dials the code to access a particular door from the pre-defined extension, a command will be sent to that particular door which is mapped with that particular extension.
  4. The COSEC door controller receives this signal (same as exit switch) and executes by opening the door.
  5. A maximum of 50 door controllers can be connected with ETERNITY and extension users can be assigned to these doors.
  6. A single door can only be assigned to each extension user.


Following are the applications of this feature:
Receptionist can open a door for authorized personnel by dialing a code using the phone
Building/apartment where individuals can control main entrance from their flat for visitor/guest
During a meeting, one can open the door for any visitor without getting up and disturbing the meeting


Digital systems Pvt. Ltd. is an electronics equipment manufacturing company with their factory located at Chennai. Their research and development area is a part of its corporate office. All employees along with the visitors who come to meet the HR, managers and director access the building through same entrance. They required restricted entry to their R&D facility for which access control was implemented. This led to the receptionist having to manually allow each visitor using her credential. It became inconvenient for her to get up and open the door each time.

The company was already using Matrix ETERNITY GE 3SAC system, which allowed them to utilize COSEC’s integration with the Matrix Enterprise PBX ETERNITY series. The receptionist used this integration to open the door using her phone. All she had to do was use a pre-defined extension or a short key and the door opened as soon as this message was relayed.


Convenience of Opening the Door Using a Phone
No Additional Cost
Easy Access Through Code Dialing or Short Key
Enhanced Security

Target Audience

Hotel Reception Areas
Corporate Office Receptions (SME and Large Enterprises)
Conference Rooms
Chambers of Director/Chairman
Building/ Apartments/ Societies

Products Required

Any COSEC Door Controller: VEGA Series/PATH Series/DOOR Series/NGT Series/COSEC ARC


About the Product

COSEC VEGA BBU is a battery back-up unit for COSEC VEGA series door controllers. It provides battery backup for 5 to 6 hours to VEGA door controller. It can be used for access control and time-attendance applications.

How it Works

COSEC VEGA BBU is designed to be used along with the COSEC VEGA FAX/CAX devices. COSEC VEGA is a wireless device with built-in Wi-Fi and optional 3G/4G connectivity. This advance connectivity and battery backup facilitate to use it in mobile or makeshift sites. When any user punches on the device, it sends user data in a real time to the server using available wireless connectivity.



COSEC VEGA BBU device can be used at sites where installation of a device is difficult. Discussed below are places where this device can prove to be a perfect solution.

Makeshift sites
At times workers and employees at changing government project sites, office transport vehicles, school buses, military buses, etc. face difficulties in marking their attendance. Using VEGA BBU at such sites can make for attendance marking an easy enough process for the workers and employees.

Large areas
VEGA BBU can be used at large sites such as ports for preventing unauthorized user entry in the premises. An unidentified user trespassing in the area can be immediately recognized through this mobile device.

Sites where device installation not possible
This device is a perfect solution for sites where installation of a punching device is not possible. At such sites, project managers or respective authority can carry this wireless device to each employee and have their attendance marked.

Remote sites
At many remote sites power failure is a big problem. This may result in the punching device not working, hence making it difficult for workers and employees to mark their attendance. COSEC VEGA BBU, with its wireless feature, can prove to be a perfect solution for such sites.


Wireless device, no installation required
Easy attendance marking in remote or makeshift sites
Enhance employee productivity
Timely and error free salary payment

Target Audience

Construction Companies (on Sites)
Government (Projects at Makeshift Sites)
Organizations having Buses for People mobility (School, Corporate, Military)
Organizations having Remote Sites

Attendance on Move

About the feature

Attendance on Move, a feature of COSEC APTA – the mobile application of Matrix COSEC for employees, facilitates automatic attendance marking of the user.

How it works

This feature works on the GPS coordinates or Wi-Fi signals received from the respective employee’s mobile device. The HR/Admin will be required to pre-define a location and save it in the Location Master of COSEC Web. As a result, whenever the user enters/exits the pre-defined location, his or her attendance gets automatically marked.

COSEC Standalone Access Control Solution


This feature can be used to address the following issues faced by HR/admin and employees:

Missed punches
Many a times, it may so happen that an employee misses out on punching and marking his attendance. In such cases, this feature can prove to be a great solution. Instead of having to apply for attendance correction, the employee can make use of this feature and have his or her attendance automatically marked upon entering a pre-defined location.

Attendance of field employees
For employees working in the field, attendance marking is a major issue. For them, coming and marking their attendance at the office every day is quite a cumbersome task. The Attendance on Move feature can prove to be a perfect solution for the field employees of an organization. With this feature in place, field employees can have the location that they would be visiting pre-defined in the system for automatic attendance marking.

Credentials not identified
At times employees may face difficulties if the punching device does not read and identify their credentials. This may especially occur in places like construction sites or manufacturing units. In order to avoid such events, employees can make use of the Attendance on Move feature.

Long queues
In many organizations employees working the same shift often have to wait in long queues for punching on the attendance marking device. When such events start occurring on a regular basis, it tends to affect employee morale and in turn their productivity. In order to deal with this issue, HR can have employees use this feature of the COSEC APTA application. With this feature, employees’ attendance gets automatically marked upon entering/exiting the office premises.


Increases productivity of employees and HR
Less time spent after trivial tasks such as attendance corrections
Improves employee morale

Target Audience

BFSI Industry: Employees working in the field, such as sales executives, insurance agents, etc.
Organizations with Field Employees: Organizations such as FMCG, white goods, pharmaceutical having employees working in the field.
Manufacturing and infrastructure sites having numerous employees during a shift
Corporate Segment, IT/ITES where attendance marking device installation is to be avoided
Government Offices, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, etc. for their staff

Products Required

COSEC CENTRA (Application Platform)
COSEC TAM (Time-Attendance License)
COSEC ESS (Employee Self Service License)
COSEC APTA (Mobile Application of COSEC to be installed through Play Store/App Store)

COSEC Standalone Access Control Solution

Feature Summary

Standalone Access Control solution doesn't require a web-based or network architecture. It is completely independent and works on PoE. Access Control features are in built in the software itself and user needs to configure device, features from that mode itself. Typically, used in SOHO and SME where there is single location and requires built in Access Control features.

Picture below shows COSEC Access Control deployment in a single location having 3 separate areas. COSEC door controllers are connected with COSEC PANEL on LAN using PoE. Admin can monitor devices, define policies and generate reports directly from COSEC PANEL without installing any application software.

COSEC Standalone Access Control Solution

Feature Description

COSEC PANEL LITE works as Standalone Access Control over PoE eliminating server cost and installation. 255 Doors can be configured from single COSEC Panel Lite itself.

Access Control Feature enabled with Standalone mode is as follows:
User Configuration and Enrollment
Device Configuration
Live Monitor from a Single Centralized Place
2-Person Rule
Access Route
First-In User Rule
Anti-pass back

Components Required

COSEC door Controllers
COSEC Readers / 3rd Party Wiegand readers


Effective use for SOHO and SME where the Location is single location
25+ rich Access Control feature gets configured from a single Monitor Cost Effective Solution with no server required over minimal Installation cost

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Controls Upto 255 Doors from a Single IP Panel Eliminate Need for Multiple Panels
Leverage IP Technology Standard structured Cabling
Connect Existing 3rd Party Reader Protect Investment in Existing Readers
PoE Door Controller for Powering Readers and Lock Simplified Installation
Standalone Operation without Server Eliminate Server Cost
Scalable for Future Expansion Optimum Investment

Target User Profile

SMB and SME looking for cost effective Access Control Solution.

Release Date

Date 9/11/2015
Release V1R1
Feature Name COSEC Standalone Access Control Solution

COSEC – SATATYA Integration

About COSEC – SATATYA Integration

Video Surveillance and Access Control & Time-Attendance are integral part of any organisation nowadays. However, organisation can get best out of it when they are integrated together and perform very important functions to enhance organisation security to the next level. Looking at market requirements, Matrix has integrated its Access Control and Time-Attendance solution (COSEC) with Video Surveillance solution (SATATYA) on Ethernet to enhance security and restrict proxy punches of the users.

Feature Description

Surveillance camera attached with the recorder or enterprise video management software takes snapshot of the user when he/she punches on any Access Control or Time-Attendance device. It takes snapshot even when user is not allowed or unauthorised to access. Moreover, a detailed report along with the user snapshot gets generated as and when required. The feature performs live streaming about what's happening in the organization and also sends alert during emergency to concern person.

Thus, Ethernet based COSEC - SATATYA integration makes the security of the organization 100% intact.
COSEC – SATATYA Integration

Target User Profile

Manufacturing Units
R&D Center
Educational Institutions

Release Date

Date 1/10/2015
Release V1R1
Feature Name COSEC – SATATYA Integration
Software Version COSEC V5R4 Onwards

COSEC with 3rd Party Access Control Panel

Feature Summary

Organizations are shifting towards biometric technology for user identification and verification due to many security and cost advantages as compared to traditional RFID solutions. However, many times they hesitate to change their backend like Access Control panel and software because of complete new investment in product and installation.

Traditional Access Control panel use wiegand protocol to communicate with RFID card reader. Complete change in existing setup is required to shift from RFID to biometrics. Matrix identified this challenge and delivered a solution that replaces RFID reader. Matrix integrated COSEC biometric reader with existing 3rd party panel, which enable access through user finger or palm credential using the wiegand interface. Thus, enterprises can conveniently shift to Matrix biometric readers without changing the existing set up.

Feature Description

COSEC with 3rd Party Access Control Panel
The operation of add/delete/edit users along with enrollment of finger/palm templates is done from COSEC server.
On showing user finger/palm to COSEC Reader, the reader will send the card id (CSN Number) to panel on wiegand interface.
User access allowed/denied response will be sent to reader & displayed accordingly.
Door locks, exit switch etc. can be operated through 3rd party panel.

Thus, Matrix intelligently satisfies the need of customer using biometric credential for access, along with existing 3rd party set-up.


Enterprises having a card based setup and wants to switch to biometric technology without changing existing panel.


Enhances security and reduces proxy errors with biometric technology.
Reduces switching cost drastically as organization can reuse their panel, software and cabling.

Target User Profile

Existing card based conventional markets.

Compatible Devices


Release Date

Date 16/09/2015
Release V1R1
Feature Name COSEC Door Controller with 3rd party Access Control panel.
Software Version COSEC V8R2 Onwards

COSEC Tracker

About COSEC Tracker

Matrix COSEC Tracker gives live count of the number of users inside the premises at any given time. This information can be analyzed further using various filters such as shift, site, early-in/out, late-in/out, and employee leaves and tour to get more details. Supervisor can use this information to allocate manpower effectively to use available resources in an efficient way.

Feature Description

COSEC Tracker is implemented to give live user count information in order to utilize available resources efficiently. COSEC Tracker displays live number of reported as well as not reported employees. Supervisor can apply various filters to get exact information of users in a particular shift or site.

Shift View
Shift view gives the total shifts scheduled along with number of person who reports as well as fails to report in that particular shift. Further, it shows count of Early-in/out, Late-in/out along with leaves and holidays.

Site View
Site view helps admin know the number of people reported to that particular site. The view helps organization dealing with more than one site because the count lets supervisor know daily present workforce from a centralized workplace itself.

Who's In View
Who's In view gives the detail about a particular site and number of people presently working on that site. This view lets admin know the current status of the site which helps during the time of emergency.


Organizations having more than one working shift can benefit the most since supervisors can track the live count of human resources from a single window.
Getting to know the movement of resources in real-time helps supervisor diversify the work in correct manner resulting in increased efficiency of the organization.

Target User Profile

Manufacturing Unit
Security Cabin
Corporate Office Receptions
Construction Sites

Release Date

Date 18/08/2015
Release V1R1
Feature Name COSEC Tracker
Software Version COSEC V7R4 onwards

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