Workforce planning is always challenging due to many dynamic factors. The planner has to match available head count, skills and time while optimizing cost. They spend a lot of their time in forecasting, budgeting and assigning employees to shifts. This not only reduces productivity of managers, but also increases the chances of flaws and inaccuracies in roster due to manual assignment.

Matrix COSEC CENTRA Roster Management is a comprehensive tool to automate workforce planning. It facilitates proper forecasting and budgeting of staffing requirements. COSEC CENTRA Roster Management simplifies the process of defining and managing employee's duties and timings. Managers can generate comprehensive workforce analysis reports and export data to 3rd party applications.

Roster Management Process

Key Features

Employee Profile Creation
Proper employee information with all required details at one central place can eliminate multiple spreadsheets and related confusions and chaos. Using COSEC Roster Management, a manager can create complete user profile with personal details, roster policies, employment contract, employment type, base pay rate, work profile and other job related details. The manager can pull out this detail and get a report anytime just by few clicks.

Employment Type and Contract
An authorized person can create employment type for each employee from “full time” or “part time” options and also create additional employment types depending on requirement. A contract master is created with start time and end time for each day in a week.

Defining Attendance Policy
To achieve accurate attendance data, COSEC Roster allows defining attendance policies like maximum number of punches allowed, late-in/late-out, early-in/early-out, break late-in/late-out and minimum time after which over time starts.

Region based Labor Rules
COSEC Roster Management offers options for customizing labor rules based on an organization’s region. Some rules such as minimum and maximum hours per day/week, maximum shifts per day, consecutive hours per shift or shift duration, maximum work days in a week, etc. can be configured.

Special Days
Special Days are different from normal days and need separate forecasting. Many times wages and number of employees are also different on such days like Christmas holidays.

Fixed and Flexible Shifts
An authorized person can configure fixed or flexible shift types in COSEC CENTRA RSM. In case of fixed shift, shift start time, end time, break time and work duration are fixed. For a flexible shift, the overall time period between which the shift should start and end, break duration, number of hours after which an employee can take a break and the minimum work hours between two breaks can be defined.

Shift Pattern and Shift Matrix
Shift Pattern needs to be configured when an employee has to work on multiple profiles in a given day while Shift Matrix is useful when the schedule of an employee remains the same over a period of time. Shift Matrix is an accumulation of shifts and shift patterns over a range of period. This feature saves manager’s time by eliminating repeatedly manual shift assignment.

Multi-Week Forecasting and Budgeting
Matrix Roster Management helps managers in forecasting employee requirements and the cost associated with them. Employee forecasting is done using three parameters:
  • Designation of employee
  • Category of employee based on skills
  • Number of employees

A day-wise budget is also calculated based on the shifts, number of employees and their respective wage levels.

Roster Creation- Auto and Manual
COSEC CENTRA RSM offers options to create a roster - auto roster and manual roster. Auto roster generates a roster based on the schedule and forecast configured for the selected department. It fetches a list of employees automatically based on designation, skill and availability. In a manual roster process, blank roster is created with shift, date and day. The manager has to fetch and fill employee data manually.

Department-Wise Roster
Each department may have different shifts, work time, special days, etc. based on work profiles. Department-wise roster helps managers in assigning designations, closure days, special days, forecast and schedule for their departments separately.

Attendance Correction and Authorization
Attendance Correction allows the user to make modifications in their punch timings using ESS portal. This can be done only if punch history of the user is found for that particular day or a shift has been assigned. Attendance Correction and Authorization is possible for an individual or an entire department.

ESS Access
Using COSEC CENTRA ESS portal, the employees can perform multiple Roster Management functions. An employee can apply for his unavailability in advance so that proxies can be decided and non-manned duties can be assigned. Moreover, an employee can accept or reject a shift which has been assigned to him. A manager can check availability of all his team members and plan accordingly.

COSEC Roster Management sends notifications to employees on various events to avoid communication gaps. Notification on any update or change in the roster helps to plan other activities in advance. It also sends a message to remind employees of their shifts to ensure complete workforce is available as planned.

Payroll Integration
Matrix COSEC Roster Management allows creating a customized template with employee working hours and other details to integrate it with 3rd party payroll software. HR can save a lot of time and prevent errors by eliminating all manual data entry in the payroll software.

Workforce Analysis Report
Matrix COSEC Roster Management provides an exclusive range of reports to analyze workforce planning. It provides a list of work schedules; unavailable employees; department-wise unmanned positions in shifts; wage level; roster details; etc. by applying various filters. Further, it generates a forecast v/s budget report to show the difference between forecasted workforce and the budget against actual workforce and the budget.

Function & Benefits

  • Auto roster creation
  • Shift pattern and shift matrix
  • ESS access to users
  • Automated attendance capturing
  • Integration with 3rd party applications
  • Reports
  • Mails and SMS notification
  • Proper visibility of workload, availability and options
  • Saves manager’s time from routine work
  • Reduction in absenteeism and increase employee satisfaction
  • Increase in productivity, discipline and morale
  • Seamless organization for better speed and control
  • Easy interpretation and decision making
  • Better work planning


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