Employees access office premises with
their card or fingerprint credentials.


Second door opens only after first door closes,
helps in controlling dust and heat.

Access Level

If user access level is higher than or equal to zone access level,
user is allowed in that zone.

Anti-Pass Back

Prevent a card holder from passing his card back
to a second person to gain entry in a server room.
Card holder can make re-entry only after exit mark.

Real-time monitoring of the complete campus with
generation of various reports for access control.

Do-Not-Disturb (DND)

User’s entry is restricted for pre-defined time so that any
meeting or conference can be progressed without any disturbance.

Card and Finger credential both are
essential to enter accounts department.

2-Person Rule

Access is allowed only when two authorized persons
use their access rights within a defined amount of time,
thus eliminating possibility of any fraud in locker.

Door Auto Relock

When user shows his credential to the reader, the door
relay is energized for pre-defined time to allow entry.
After the defined period door relay will automatically deactivate
and lock the door to restrict further entry into marketing department.

Guard Tour

Security guard has to show his credential at defined
checkpoints on specified time period, this feature
allows administrator to keep an eye on security guard.

First-In User Rule

Door will be locked until the designated first user
registers his entry in the manufacturing unit. Once the
first-in entry is registered, other users are allowed to
enter till the working time of first in user is over.

Occupancy Control

Occupancy control helps to control
the number of users in cafeteria.

Visitor Management

Manage visitors by creating visitor pass and
defining access rights when they arrive at security.