Door Access Control Systems

Security has become a major concern across the globe as a result of many anti-social activities and terrorist attacks. Enhanced security was mainly limited to e-Commerce, the Healthcare Industry and Banks before the number of terrorist attacks increased. With the increase in terrorist attacks, importance of security has spread across all the industrial sectors. In terms of physical security, security access control systems keep unauthorized people out of secure areas by restricting entry.

Matrix biometric access control systems give organizations top of the line security for their infrastructure and employees. Our Door Access Control systems, with advanced features along with biometric credentials (fingerprints/palm veins), PIN and RFID card based access, offer foolproof security solutions for organizations in all industries. Our fingerprint access control system can be network based or standalone, which makes it ideal for Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Government Institutes, Hotels, Remote Sites, Large/Small Enterprises, and others.


Security Access Control Systems

Key Benefits

  • Secure Sensitive Areas with 2-person Rule
  • Block a User from Entering a Controlled Zone
  • Configure and Manage System Locally or Remotely
  • Define Access Rules on the basis of Time, Zone and User
  • Allow VIP Users to Enter any Controlled Zone
  • Ensures a security personnel does the rounds even during non-working hours.
  • Generate an Alarm on Detection of Tampering/Trespassing
  • Manage 10,000 Doors and 1 Million Users
  • Manage traffic, control dust and heat when multiple doors are arranged in a sequence.
  • Opens a door only after the designated person makes the first entry.
  • Permits only authorized person to enter pre-defined areas.
  • Prevent card holders from giving their cards to other people to gain entry in controlled areas.




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