Security is a global concern. Illegal activities have increased around the world at an alarming rate. As a result, many organizations, large and small, have become much more conscious about the security and safety of their possessions, property, and employees. Enterprises are using video surveillance systems more and more to deter illegal activities. In addition to deterring illegal activity, corporations are also relying on video surveillance cameras in the workplace to ensure that employees are carrying out required tasks efficiently and accurately. The use of security surveillance camera systems ultimately helps to enhance efficiency and productivity, as well as security needs.

Matrix SATATYA is a wide range of industrial grade Analog Cameras, DVRs, and NVRs that cater to the many surveillance camera system challenges that are faced by organizations in all industries. Incorporating cutting edge technology, these product ranges offer the best in detailed but simplified monitoring and smart recording. They can also offer quick detection when events are occurring, by providing prompt alerts and efficient, rapid event searching for analysis purposes. Our range of DVRs and NVRs allow centralized and remote management of numerous locations, making them ideal for organizations and enterprises of all sizes.

Key Benefits
  • 3G Dongle Support for Wireless Connectivity
  • Dual Streaming for Optimized Bandwidth Usage
  • Matrix DNS and DynDNS Servers save on static IP costs.
  • Easy backup on FTP and USB to safeguard all important videos.
  • Easy to install and configure through various interfaces.
  • Flexibility in recording to optimize hard disk usage.
  • Industrial grade hardware to increase reliability.
  • Remote Monitoring with CMS, Web Client and Mobile Viewer.
  • Security Solution that can be seamlessly integrated with Matrix Access Control & Fire Alarm Panel.
  • Smart Search for Quick and Accurate Analysis
  • SMS/Email, Visual and Audio Alerts for Preventive Security



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