Matrix SATATYA Web Client enables off-premise viewing and monitoring of the NVRs or HVRs, anytime, anywhere, helping organizations increase their productivity, efficiency and discipline. The Matrix video recording devices can be configured from the SATATYA Web Client, which makes it easy for the user to change the connected devices and their configuration.

Key Features

Web Client

  • View and Configure a SATATYA NVR or HVR
  • Synchronous/ Asynchronous Playback
  • Playback from Event Log
  • Configure Device Monitor
  • Configure Devices for Cascading
  • View Health Status of Connected Device
  • Camera wise Recording Retention
  • Camera wise Backup Retention
  • Camera wise Constant and Variable Bit Rate
  • Camera wise Storage and Scheduled Backup
  • SMS and Email Notifications
  • Camera, Device and Sensor Event Alerts
  • Add Multiple Devices from Web Client
  • Storage Calculator
  • User Access Rights
  • Integration with Access Control Systems



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